For wood, character is all about the surface

At Wimmer we offer three different surface treatments which are carried out by hand, paying close attention to detail and using traditional techniques


The soft annual growth rings of the early wood are brushed with various wire brushes, to visually enhance the texture, or natural grain, of the wood This gives more “depth” to the planks. As well as having a solid look, a brushed wooden floor is also tough and hard-wearing.

Hand scraping

This centuries-old traditional method gives every plank a special characteristic surface and lends it the hallmark style of the Wimmer carpenter who scraped it. A plane is used to give a hand-scraped finish with a slightly undulating, smooth, silky surface and a subtle sheen.

WoodART (oak)

Our patented WoodART brings each plank to life and makes it unique. It is a distinctive surface that is suitable for wide boards with a lively grain pattern. We enhance the knots and cracks which are the inherent natural characteristics of the wood, thus creating the effect of natural ageing.

The special finish: the oil/wax refinement

Every Wimmer wooden plank is refined very meticulously with much experience and time. Because every plank is oiled, waxed, polished and air-dried at least four times over several days so that the refinement can slowly impregnate the wood and set. A process that you can not only see and feel: it also makes a Wimmer plank particularly hard-wearing and durable.