Solid Woodcraft from Upper Bavaria

Unique products for individual desires

Hans Wimmer founded his company in Töging am Inn in 1979 with passion for the natural product of wood, its surface and structure. Already by the late 1980s, he did everything to expand the product range of extraordinary wooden planks: five metres long and thirty centimetres wide is his professed target.

Grounded in tradition

Nowadays, Wimmer is among the few providers of unique plank flooring with individual production. The sons Günther and Thomas Wimmer lead the family company as a modern wood manufacturer. For their team of about 30 employees, they have pursued the recyclable material wood for over 30 years. And respectful contact with the natural product.

Distinctive quality and service

Decades of tradition distinguish the Wimmer family wood manufacturer today. Every Wimmer wooden plank therefore stands for individual quality craftsmanship and every customer’s wish is a challenge of skills and service quality.

Internationally established

The Wimmer wood manufacturer has a global network and works closely with different contract partners – from Zurich to Barcelona and Moscow.

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