Plank dimensions are a Wimmer speciality


We produce wood flooring to suit individual customer requirements in terms of length, width, surface and grading but, obviously, a particular dimension may be determined by the type of wood used. With American walnut, for instance, we can achieve a maximum length of around five metres, whereas we manufacture oak planks that can be over 13 metres long and up to 45 cm wide.

Individual instead of industrial

We are proud to be able to offer extraordinary and absolutely individual processing of real wooden floors. We are therefore happy to invite you to choose your completely personal “saw veneer”, or the surface layer of your Wimmer wooden planked floor, with us in the sawmill. And we will of course also advise you in our showroom with our competent staff to help you choose your dream floor.

Designs – Wimmer lays your floor completely as requested

Whether you opt for room-length oak planks or an exclusive herringbone look: you specify the laying plan and our Wimmer handcraft specialists implement all your wishes from standard laying to special architect’s requests.

Wide planks

wimmer-villa-luxury-wooden-floors-design-exklusivdiele-raumlangPremium Plank Flooring (room-length)

wimmer-villa-luxury-wooden-floors-design-exklusivdiele-400-500Premium Plank Flooring 4-5 m

wimmer-villa-luxury-wooden-floors-design-systemdiele-240-300Oak Wide Plank Flooring 2-3 m

wimmer-villa-luxury-wooden-floors-design-fischgraetHeringbone Parquet

wimmer-villa-luxury-wooden-floors-design-franzoesisches-fischgraetChevron Parquet

wimmer-villa-luxury-wooden-floors-design-tafelparkett-versaillesParquet Versailles

wimmer-villa-luxury-wooden-floors-design-flechtbodenDesign Parquet

wimmer-villa-luxury-wooden-floors-design-flechtboden-viennaDesing Parquet Vienna