Description of Wimmer works ranges

Naturally growing range (standard)

This range stands for the natural image of a wooden structure that can turn out calm to vivid with branches and smaller occasional fissures.

  • Wood as it grew, a look full of character, from plain to vivid and rustic
  • Branches: Existing branches without limitation on number, size and form
  • The natural and thus different structure showcases wood as a natural product. Planks with a particularly vivid, figured or plain structure are not eliminated.
  • Colour differences in the structure therefore exist
  • Colour differences in wide planks exist
  • Healthy splint: allowed without restriction
  • Whirl growth: allowed without restriction
  • Yellowing, shallow fissures, rind ingrowth, lightning cracks, sloping grains, colour differences, vascular rays are permitted without restriction
  • Healthy core desired and permitted without restriction
  • Colour variations and vascular rays permitted without restriction
  • Pest infestations: not permitted up to blueness, black bore and isolated wormholes
  • Repairs to ensure quality, e.g. drilling branches, placing filler or wax, exists
  • Cracks are filled and possible up to 100 cm
  • Decreasing widths: Wimmer wide planks are essentially delivered in decreasing (different) widths, i.e. the plank widths vary from 15 to 32 cm
  • Lengthwise tongue and groove
  • 3-layers glued, countermove possible for other wood types
  • Small, chamfers along the long edges
  • Continuous surface lamellas
  • Groove layer approx. 4-5 mm
  • Stack pad markings not permitted

We work with nature and highlight the beauty of individual wood features. Fissures in particular shape the character of wide planks; they are not hidden but emphasised. If a branch breaks down during processing, a real branch is used from a particular size and shape.

Rustic range

Wood full of character with branches and fissures distinguishes a rustic range. The structure seems livelier than in the fine or natural range.

The rustic range complies with the naturally growing range with the following differences:

  • Branches: many branches desired, no restriction of number, size and form
  • Cracks: long cracks desired, also possible across the whole plank length
  • Proportionate planks in naturally growing and fine ranges

Fine range

Fine range means a peaceful image that is only occasionally pulled off of different sized branches.

The fine range complies with the naturally growing range with the following differences:

  • Fewer small branches up to approx. 4 cm and only occasional large branches exist
  • Splint up to a width of 1 cm allowed
  • Homogenous image