Being a perfectionist who took a great deal of pleasure in our housebuilding project, I was on the lookout for a parquet floor that was somewhat out of the ordinary. That is what led me to Wimmer. Although I had some clear ideas, I wasn’t really familiar with the subject matter. It was collaboration with Wimmer that made me realise for the first time what actually makes a good floor. The quality of the advice, the attentiveness and the thoroughness displayed from beginning to end are extraordinary, and it is obvious that Mr Wimmer and his team love what they do. The work on site in spring 2018 was incredible. The craftsmen were exceptionally friendly and professional – the work couldn’t have been done better. Mr Wimmer had inspected the premises personally beforehand, and the project was planned down to the last detail. I was also delighted with the details that were proposed. The flush fitting skirting boards for example and perfectly implemented transitions to other floor coverings make an enormous impact on the quality of a room, and our Wimmer floor fills me with pleasure every day.”