Client Feedback

Jan Parth, David Chipperfield Architects Berlin

The way in which the wooden floor in the extension to the Kunsthaus Zürich museum has been executed is a wonderful example of a very high quality of craftsmanship. Because of the shape of the tree trunk they were cut from, wooden floorboards have greatly varying widths. Wimmer succeeded in manufacturing the large number of floorboards with varying widths in such a way that the fitters from GDM Parkette were able to lay the joins in a line running throughout the whole room. Realising such precision in the floor pattern is really an outstanding achievement. You will rarely find such a standard of craftsmanship.

Dr. Hänsel, Practice Müller-Wohlfahrt

Wimmer displays great care in recognising customers’ wishes and implementing them with precision. In our family home we chose installation without thresholds and also decided against conventional skirting. Such a floor design can only succeed if the client is soundly advised, and the concept is realised with precision down to the last detail. That is something we have always been able to rely on, putting every aspect of our collaboration with the company on a high level. I know from experience that investment in such quality is worthwhile. The wooden floor in our practice was laid almost 11 years ago. Up until today, it has lost nothing of its exclusive quality despite heavy use in the practice’s everyday routine.

Dipl.-Ing. Wilhelm Scheer, Scheer Architekt GmbH

As far as we’re concerned, there is no other company that even comes close to Wimmer in the field of high-quality wooden flooring. We were particularly impressed with the broad portfolio and high level of expertise. The latter is absolutely essential if you’re planning to use such a versatile material as wood in your architecture. The visual impression created by a wooden floor can vary greatly depending on the colour, surface or installation method you choose. That doesn’t make the selection process any easier. Together with Mr Wimmer, we have always been able to find the right wooden surface, and our clients are happy with their wooden floors. We are particularly fond of the company’s understatement. Their focus is on the quality of the work they produce and they are willing to go that extra mile to achieve it. We frequently turn to Wimmer because everything always runs so smoothly.

Nora Witzigmann, Design Produkt Interior

Wood is a sophisticated material. It is a natural product and in nature there are no standards. Many aspects ultimately determine the character of the surface. It begins with the selection of the type of wood and extends to the colour, surface structure and format on the floor. There is no wrong or right. It must fit intuitively, and the question of what impression a wooden floor will make in a room remains exciting to the end. It was important to me to work with someone knowledgeable, who can reliably appraise wood and the impression it will make while also advising on creative aspects. Good samples are also essential. The collaboration with Wimmer was fantastic. It didn’t take long to find the right solution, and the showroom on Prinzregentenplatz offers excellent facilities for consulting and selection.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Sven Oliver Pott, Pott Architekten und Ingenieure

When we use high-quality wooden flooring in our projects, Wimmer is our first choice. At this company, a perfectly worked product goes hand in hand with attentive service. As planers, we appreciate the very good advice and can pass this quality of advice on to our clients. That’s a massive plus, because the result has to reflect what was discussed beforehand. Wimmer is also a valuable project partner when it comes to implementing customers’ individual enquiries. The company is able to respond quickly and flexibly to special tender requirements such as bespoke colours or the creation of an exclusive collection for housing developers.

Private Home-Owner, Munich

Selecting the floor covering was the most important decision in our building project. The main room, with its many window fronts and an area covering almost 100 m2, presented a particular challenge in terms of making the right choice, especially as the decision had to be made when the building was still in the shell phase. I was particularly anxious that the wooden surface should harmonise well with our antiques. I was completely satisfied with every aspect of our collaboration with Wimmer. They displayed great patience and understanding and gave excellent advice in helping me to reach a decision. I always had the feeling that a bespoke solution would be found for my situation and not just any old standard surface from the catalogue. When I saw the finished floor for the first time, I was thrilled. Everything harmonised perfectly: the colour, the installation, the details. The high quality of craftsmanship makes a terrific difference and is noticed by every visitor we have. Years later, the floor is still absolutely beautiful without having required much care, and someone is always there for me whenever I have any questions. I have no hesitation in recommending Wimmer.

Robert Stephan, Stephan Interiors

When I think of the material quality of wood, the German word Gemütlichkeit (cosiness) occurs to me, because this material lends interior concepts a special warmth. The high quality with which the wood is worked is critical in terms of it being able to reveal its expressive nature within the architecture. Wood is a sensuous material that can be experienced with more than just the eye. Touching the surface of the wood also has to be a source of pleasure. I would never use wood where it cannot be felt. Wimmer succeeds in imbuing wooden flooring with this effect. The company’s love of wood is clear for all to see, and the skill and expertise of their craftsmanship is of a special quality. The options they can realise in terms of colour spectrum, surface character or floor pattern give me a lot of freedom as a designer. I’ve been collaborating with Wimmer for a long time now and have found a partner I can always rely on. This also applies to the time after completion – even after many years, my customers are still completely satisfied with their wooden floors and the service they receive.

Privat Home-Owner, Bernried

I wanted materials to play a very important role in our house by Lake Starnberg. Rather than something merely decorative, I wanted organic qualities that one can feel. Being the largest area of material, the floor naturally assumed a very important role. My search led me to a number of manufacturers, but it wasn’t until I came across Wimmer that I had the feeling I had been listened to and understood. That was thanks to the company’s genuine, authentic effort to take on board a home owner’s wishes and accompany clients who are not experts in wood. At Wimmer, it’s not all about selling any old product but about fulfilling individual wishes. It was a very pleasant collaboration, which also included a trip to the sawmill. The installation at the end of the project was also a very pleasant experience. Mr Wimmer’s team did a great job. It was really worthwhile paying such attention to quality when selecting the wooden flooring. It gives the room exactly the expressive quality we were hoping for, and everyone who visits us experiences and senses the special impact of the material.

Private Home-Owner, Switzerland

Being a perfectionist who took a great deal of pleasure in our housebuilding project, I was on the lookout for a parquet floor that was somewhat out of the ordinary. That is what led me to Wimmer. Although I had some clear ideas, I wasn’t really familiar with the subject matter. It was collaboration with Wimmer that made me realise for the first time what actually makes a good floor. The quality of the advice, the attentiveness and the thoroughness displayed from beginning to end are extraordinary, and it is obvious that Mr Wimmer and his team love what they do. The work on site in spring 2018 was incredible. The craftsmen were exceptionally friendly and professional – the work couldn’t have been done better. Mr Wimmer had inspected the premises personally beforehand, and the project was planned down to the last detail. I was also delighted with the details that were proposed. The flush fitting skirting boards for example and perfectly implemented transitions to other floor coverings make an enormous impact on the quality of a room, and our Wimmer floor fills me with pleasure every day.”