I wanted materials to play a very important role in our house by Lake Starnberg. Rather than something merely decorative, I wanted organic qualities that one can feel. Being the largest area of material, the floor naturally assumed a very important role. My search led me to a number of manufacturers, but it wasn’t until I came across Wimmer that I had the feeling I had been listened to and understood. That was thanks to the company’s genuine, authentic effort to take on board a home owner’s wishes and accompany clients who are not experts in wood. At Wimmer, it’s not all about selling any old product but about fulfilling individual wishes. It was a very pleasant collaboration, which also included a trip to the sawmill. The installation at the end of the project was also a very pleasant experience. Mr Wimmer’s team did a great job. It was really worthwhile paying such attention to quality when selecting the wooden flooring. It gives the room exactly the expressive quality we were hoping for, and everyone who visits us experiences and senses the special impact of the material.