When I think of the material quality of wood, the German word Gemütlichkeit (cosiness) occurs to me, because this material lends interior concepts a special warmth. The high quality with which the wood is worked is critical in terms of it being able to reveal its expressive nature within the architecture. Wood is a sensuous material that can be experienced with more than just the eye. Touching the surface of the wood also has to be a source of pleasure. I would never use wood where it cannot be felt. Wimmer succeeds in imbuing wooden flooring with this effect. The company’s love of wood is clear for all to see, and the skill and expertise of their craftsmanship is of a special quality. The options they can realise in terms of colour spectrum, surface character or floor pattern give me a lot of freedom as a designer. I’ve been collaborating with Wimmer for a long time now and have found a partner I can always rely on. This also applies to the time after completion – even after many years, my customers are still completely satisfied with their wooden floors and the service they receive.